Custom library implementation in REST v2.3

REST version : v2.3.10
REST commit : 7148a3e0

Hi, I’ve noticed that in the previous versions of REST (v2.2.XX) there was a possibility to compile a custom library within the REST software, specifically there was a dummy library available for modifications.

I am curious, how can I create my custom library/process in the newest version of REST?
From what I found, the old CMakeLists.txt file is no longer valid making your own library.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you in advance

You are right, I have recovered what we had from v2.2.20 and placed it at

I have defined it as a template repository so that you will be able to create a new GitHub repository starting with the dummy library.

Thank you very much!

Just updated the README and CMakeLists.txt file. The new library directory must be placed at source/libraries/ and then, REST must be compiled using -DRESTLIB_DUMMY=ON where DUMMY will be the name of your library which corresponds to the name of the directory at source/libraries.

I just removed also the process TRestDummyToDetectorHitsProcess since this kind of process should be placed at the connectors library.

Processes at the dummy library will only be able to operate with the event type defined by the library itself. TRestDummyEvent.