RESTGeant4 metadata geometry issue with visualization

version: v2.3.12
commit: 0cf8f3c8


I am encountering a problem related to the REST Geant4 geometry
When I am trying to visualize the .gdml geometry Metadata file with REST_Geant4_ViewGeometry macros, part of the time I receive Segmentation Violation, and part of the time I see such picture:

While with the oldest version of REST (v2.3.11 / 4ab9ea42), the same file is visualized properly:

I have checked .C file of the macro in both versions and they are almost the same

So, I am thinking that a problem is not in the visualization, but in the interpretation or in the .gdml file itself.
Is there a way to check that?

Thank you in advance for any hint

Thanks for pointing out this problem, this was also recently remarked by @girardcarillo.

We created an issue at : The second call of `REST_Geant4_ViewGeometry.C will produce a geometry without master volume · Issue #88 · rest-for-physics/geant4lib · GitHub

So it seems some changes around version 2.3.11 affected the visualisation. Perhaps @lobis might identify the problem.