Seg. fault when running in batch mode with plotting

REST version : v2.2.14 (official version)
REST commit : 5f19f747

When I launch a plotting configuration file (RML) in batch mode, e.g. restManager --c plotting.rml --f analysisTree.root --batch, and if in the RML I set previewPlot="true", the output file is correctly produced but I get a seg. fault after saving it:

Filename : maxTrackEnergy_R10692_00008_Calibration_30min_2.3.14_0to12keV_300bins_XRayCuts13_CalibratedInEnergy_radius10_subset2_rangeWithVetoCut.root
<TSystem::DispatchOneEvent>: this method must be overridden!
Violación de segmento

If in the RML I set previewPlot="false", the seg. fault doesn’t show up.

I know that batch mode and previewPlot="false" are contradictory, but a given RML file should never cause a segmentation fault in REST. So I thought I should share it here.


Hi @CMargalejo thanks for posting.

Another good place to post these issues can be: Issues · rest-for-physics/framework · GitHub

Of course, it is always good to compile questions and issues here at the forum. But it seems the main discussions/activity are happening now on GitHub. Eventhough I think discourse search engine is excellent for questions and answers that can be saved for future reference.

The problem you reported had a quick solution that I contributed at the following PR:

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