Welcome to the REST forum!

The aim of this forum is to provide support to new REST users, to report bugs and problems, to request new features, but also to encourage discussions on different topics related to the development of REST itself. The forum should serve to keep track of the main tasks to be developed, and additionally, to define priorities on the future developments. But at the same time, it should serve as a central communication channel to help users to identify existing functionalities, or help users to implement new functionalities exploiting already existing REST code or features, and ultimately give users advice on the use of common REST tools.

REST is a development tool written in C++ and fully integrated in ROOT. The framework can be used to define complex event data chains, where the user is free to define event types, event processes, and metadata structures that serve to built the data chain. One of the main applications of REST is to process detector data and to generate mock Monte Carlo event data. REST includes libraries for signal conditioning, event track topology, and TPC event reconstruction, between others.

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